PSA: Skid Plates in the UK

For a long time, sourcing freestyle parts in the UK has been an absolute nightmare. Gradually, we’re collectively filling the voids, and our very own Michael Erskine has stepped up to the plate to offer skidplates.

This eBay listing is for skids designed to fit the Moonshine board, but they’ll go on almost any double-kick freestyle board currently available. If you get in touch with him through eBay he can cut some to fit almost anything, so if you’re in the UK or Europe and need some prophylactics, now you know where to look.

Episode 28: Terry Synnott – part 1

We talked to Terry Synnott – the LEGENDARY Terry Synnott – for over 2 hours. I cut a lot out. We still have a lot to discuss.

Terry is certainly one of the top 5-10 freestylers in the world. Though he’s been plagued by injuries for the last few years, he is also one of the most well-rounded freestylers. Spins, handstands, rail tricks, imaginative footwork, difficult shove-it variations and combos – dude can do it all.

In this episode we really got into some of the technical aspects of making skateboards. Terry has learned a lot about this topic, and it shows in the great quality of both boards and graphics with Mode.

In Part 2 we’ll talk about the actual act of skateboarding with Terry!