Episode 18: Back from the Un-Dead

Undead-ZombieYes, we are still alive, and yes this is a new episode, and yes, we discuss the following stuff!

The opening of this episode sounds quite majestic, so play it on some good speakers.

This is kind of a long episode, so get a nice glass, cup, mug, or bottle of your favorite beverage and stay calm.

The opening music comes from a couple of Godzilla movies, and was found on The Monster Movie Music Album.  The closing music is the Bars, from Black Flag’s Slip It In album.


Episode 12: Random Disconnections and #1 Fan!

simonIn this episode, we talk about finding the right setup for how YOU ride, Bob announces that he’s learned a new trick (a rare event for the old man), we discuss learning 540 Shoveits, the boys discuss their recent skating adventures, and Bob has joined the Seismic Army.

Episode 11: Zip Zingers and a Happy New Year

zipperIn this episode, we discuss a number of fascinating topics, such as freestyle-street skating on softer wheels, Matt’s recent massive demo, possible contest in Texas, and Tony’s ramp-riding adventures and their effect on his freestyle.

Bob’s Zip Zinger Video: http://youtu.be/JgiCQSQeKTI

Matt’s Japanse Video – “2013/1/1 Nagai Park Freestyle SK8 Session”:


Episode 10: To go where no Lillis has gone before…

lillisIn this episode we interview Stefan “Lillis” Åkesson, one of the greats of Freestyle. A huge thanks to Lillis for taking time to talk to us, and we look forward to doing it again!


Episode 9: Bring the Kaoss!

kaossIn this episode, Tony, Matt, and Bob discuss and stereotype various national and regional styles of freestyle, discuss their love of the Seismic freestyle wheels (again — Tony give an update of how they last), etc.

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Episode 8: Flow

In this episode we discuss the attainment of “flow” in your skating and beyond. We are also treated to some Gokey guitar playing…

Freestyle Podcast Supplement #8: (from Tony)

If you’ve listened to it (or are listening to it now) and wondered what I was on about, here’s the material I referenced.

First, the video Matt and I discussed:

A bit on Wu-Wei that I quoted:

And finally, Zen and the Art of Skateboarding: