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In the late 90s/early 2000s, I ran a site called Bob’s Trick Tips, on which I posted video and still image instructions for lots of tricks, including basic freestyle tricks.

As broadband internet became widely available, and Youtube became popular, I eventually let the site fade away, feeling that it had done its job.

Over the last year, numerous people have expressed an interest in seeing the old videos. Rather than recreating the site in-full, I’ve uploaded the videos here. Just the videos. Tony, Matt, and I will be adding new better trick tips to the Freestyle Podcast in the future.

A few words about the videos…

At the time I did these videos and the site, there was nothing else like it. Paying to make the videos available to thousands of people a month cost a lot of money. I was the only one dumb enough to do it, ha ha.

They are small. The quality is not great by today’s standards. These videos were created for ease of viewing with dial-up (slow) internet connections. Thus, I had to keep the size and video quality small. This is what they looked like. They were good enough back then to get millions of views. I hope they might still prove useful to you.

Here is the first group – more coming in the next week.

EDIT: It appears that these links didn’t actually work. They’ve now been changed to link directly to the file in a new tab/window, which might trigger an automatic download of the .mov file, depending on your browser settings. Sorry about that – but at least they’re all tiny files!

1-Footed Nose Wheelie
Varial (180) Fingerflip
50-50 Fingerflip
2-Footed Nose Wheelie
Shove-It Shuffle
Oldschool Kickflip
Rail to Casper
1 1/2 Kickback
Walk the Dog
360 Shove-It
540 Gazelle Shove-It
180 Casper Hop

Group 2:

Backside Multiple 360s
Big Spin
Cross-Footed Impossible
End Overs
Some Footwork
No-handed 50-50, Fingerflip Out
Freestyle Sequence 1
Freestyle Sequence 2

17 thoughts on “Bob’s Trick Tips Video Archive

    1. Aron – thanks so much for the mention. When I hear that the site helped people, it makes me feel really good.

      1. You were my inspiration as a kid back in 2002 when I got my first proper skateboard. I’m getting my old skate buddies back together after 5 years to celebrate Go Skateboarding Day on June 21st. Aiming to nail my 180 boneless back down at least.

  1. Thanks Bob for getting these up again, I only found this just now. As an old timer trying to get back in to freestyle, these really help. Thanks for putting the work and effort into making them available!

  2. As a teenager with dial up this site was pure gold. I remember watching the finger flip, trying it on carpet next to my computer, and landing it. I immediately went outside and ate pavement for most of the afternoon! Thanks for the help Bob

  3. Thanks so much for running the site, I learnt everything from BobsTrickTips! I remember there was a kid (pos Fletcher?) that covered the more ‘nu-skool’ tricks. Would you have any of those available to upload? Would be very nostalgic to see!

  4. This is the best nostalgia ever. Your site helped me so much back in the late 90’s/early 2000’s. I had many tricks in the bag before I could get kickflips and it was so frustrating for me. It was your site that helped me finally get them. Thank you for the tips and the memories.

    P.S. what was the kids name that you used to feature in many of the newer school videos you shared? I can’t remember. But I do remember one video of him getting a 360 flip off a set of stairs that he had been working on for awhile and how stoked everyone was

    1. Hi Colin, thanks for writing! I am always to glad to hear from users of the old site! That kid was Fletcher, and he is now over 30 years old! He’s fine, and grew up to be a fine man and a ripper.

  5. BOB! I dont know why i thought to see if your site still existed but man did i get hit with a ton of nostalgia looking through this. Memories of aol trial disks, napsters interface, real media player and sounds of aim messages come to mind. Good times. Thank you Bob for all those great tutorials that helped so many of us and im glad to see youre doing well.

  6. Hi Bob

    I just found this by googling “Bobs trick tips”!

    Thanks for uploading these — This is incredible nostalgia for me. I found right at the time I got in to Skateboarding, around 2001. Your site was invaluable and set me up for many years enjoying skateboarding.

    I even had my own website hosted though BTT —! I spent many hours leaning code for that website. Some of the best days of my life.

    I do hope you read this, thanks for being a key part of my childhood!

    1. Hi Andy,

      Always great to hear from someone who used the site back in those days! Thanks! You made my day!


  7. I’ve been on a nostalgia trip down memory lane and suddenly remembered Bob’s trick tips and how cool it was. I was in my 20s constantly trying to learn new skate tricks. But I wasn’t deadset on all the mainstream cookie cutter tricks the average skater was. So I loved learning some of the old school and freestyle tricks that you taught to add to my repertoire. I’m lucky to have discovered your site.
    You’ve done a great service to the skate culture my friend. And I will always remember those days and your site with fondness.
    Thanks for all your hard work man.. Peace!

    1. John, thank you so much for making contact. I am always pleased to hear from an old website user. Hope you are well. Peace. Bob

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