About the Freestyle Podcast

The Freestyle Podcast is, obviously, a podcast about freestyle skateboarding. We discuss the tricks, equipment, events, and skaters of this not-quite-dead form of skateboarding, occasionally veering into other areas of conversation. We also do the occasional interview.

We are…

Tony Gale
: located near London, England, Tony has been doing freestyle for quite some time now, competes as a pro (2nd place, Paderborn, 2015, 3rd place 2016, 5th place 2016 World Roundup, 1st place Stockholm 2016), and is sponsored by Seismic Skate Systems and Jimmy Z clothing. Tony plays a mean banjo, and is quite a good photographer.


Bob Loftinbob: Bob is older than dirt.  He started skating in 1975.  Yeah, he’s getting old. When not working or skating, he enjoys practicing Aikido, chilling with his wife and cats, and all manner of creative endeavor. Bob’s does some blogging about skating and other stuff at ConcreteLunch.info, and recently started keeping an online journal of his freestyle life at TxSk8.


MichaelMichael Erskine: Hailing from Sherwood, Nottingham, UK, Michael brings tech wizardry (both computer and skateboard related), decades of skateboarding experience, and good taste in music to the show. He can also solve a Rubic’s Cube in about 2 seconds.



Simon Mrozinski:  Mroz resides in Salisbury, England. With a relaxed and smooth skate style, Simon is a footwork wizard. He’s also a great photographer, aficionado of Dub music, and has been in the international freestyle scene since he was about 10 years old. Simon is our chief on-location interviewer, and is empowered to produce other interviews as he is able and sees fit. His contributions will start in 2016.

Four things you should now about us…

Our Podcasting process and setup…

This podcast is produced from Skype conversations, captured with Audio Hijack Pro, edited in GarageBand, cleaned up with Levelator, and finally turned into an mp3 via Wondershare Pro. All done on a Macbook. We typically use Audio Technica AT2020 USB microphones (each of us has one), though I (Bob) sometimes use some other mics plus a mixing board.

For info about our setup, and links, check out his page on Bob’s blog, which shows all his podcasting articles.