Episode 22: And Then There Were Four

Simon Mrozinski and Michael Erskine join the podcast crew.

This is an unusually short episode, due to the hour of technical talk about trucks we decided to put into a separate, supplementary episode (22-a), which will be up soon.

We briefly touch on the greatness of Mode wheels, and Bob looks forward to riding the new 95a wheels.

Then we discuss potential dates for the 2016 Paderborn contest, as Bob tries to firm up travel plans.

Next, we discuss issue 5 of Broken Fingers: Freestyle Skateboarding Quarterly. A really great issue. If you are a freestyler, you need to be getting each issue, period. Case closed.

You even get to hear us discuss what the hell we’re gonna do with all the stuff we recorded for this episode!

Music: The intro music is Ty Segal, with the song The Connection Man. Buy it somewhere. The closing music is of course the great David Bowie with Starman. We let it play out. Crank it up and let the ethereal beauty wash over you. Thanks for all the great music, David.

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