Episode 34: Organ Harvesting, Freestyle Skateboarding, and Dinosaurs

In this episode, Tony, Nathan, Michael, and Bob catch up after quite of few months of not podcasting. We cover the upcoming contest in Japan,  new products, freestyle as it relates to bank skating and longboarding, and various other things.

Oh, at one point we mention a trick from Bob’s old website called the “Shove-it Shuffle”. Here’s a link to the old tip. And here’s the video below – which was originally tiny and looks a lot better that way!


Episode 33: On the Road with Alex Foster

Tony recorded this episode on his way to Paderborn this year, with hero of freestyle and driver-supreme Alex Foster, of LateTricks.com. So get something to drink, sit back, and pretend you’re there in the car with them, Nathan Hill, and Nick Beaulieu.

Episode 32 – the Marius Constantin Interview

Long time listeners know that we hold Romania’s Marius Constantin in high esteem. Skater, shop owner, promoter of freestyle, Marius is one of the world’s true champions of freestyle. Words are insufficient, but Tony recently went to Romania to skate with Marius and recorded a bunch of words anyway. So here you go…

Episode 31 – Skateboarding and a Fairbro Story

We recorded this pretty early in the morning Texas time, so that’s why I sound so slow and weird.

It’s been a looooong time since we talked. We yammer about various gossipy happenings in the freestyle world, and Tony relates a classic Fairbro story. So good.

Episode 30: Paderborn Report 2017 – from a BOAT!!!

Ahhh yes, friends, Paderborn 2017 has happened! As always it was a glorious celebration of freestyle skateboarding. Tony, Bob, and Simon traveled from just south of London to Paderborn, Germany with the elusive Scaife and our driving hero, ripper, scholar, and friend, Latetricks.com‘s own Alex Foster. There we met Michael, who had traveled there by train and later hitching a ride with a non-English-speaking German man who kindly gave them a ride.

This podcast was recorded on the return ferry from Calais, France, to Dover, England, by Simon Mroz. Surely the first ever skateboarding podcast recorded on a boat.