Episode 38: Paderborn 2019, the Demise of a Magazine, and Various other Rantings

In this episode we discuss the the 2019 Paderborn contest, which happened back in July, the shuttering of Broken Fingers mag, and various other things and whatnot.

Note: there is no problem with your computer. Tony’s audio gets a bit garbled due to some sort of science/engineering type stuff. We do stop and restart at some point and his audio clears up. So just hang with us.


Paderborn 2019 crew

Episode 35: the Nick Beaulieu Interview

Freestyler Nick Beaulieu travelled to England in Summer 2018 to drive to Paderborn, Germany with a couple of car loads of English dirtbags. Here is one of those dirtbags’ interview with Nick, who is now safely home in the United States.


Episode 34: Organ Harvesting, Freestyle Skateboarding, and Dinosaurs

In this episode, Tony, Nathan, Michael, and Bob catch up after quite of few months of not podcasting. We cover the upcoming contest in Japan,  new products, freestyle as it relates to bank skating and longboarding, and various other things.

Oh, at one point we mention a trick from Bob’s old website called the “Shove-it Shuffle”. Here’s a link to the old tip. And here’s the video below – which was originally tiny and looks a lot better that way!