Episode 27: Election Time Chaos

In which we discuss freestyle stuff as usual – such as…

  • Some cool new wireless headphones that are great for FS practice.
  • Young Alex from London’s quick development as a freestyler and why Tony should fear him.
  • The new Powell board with some funky glass laminates.
  • Tony’s recent demo.
  • Michael’s absence this week, in order to attend a Rubic’s Cube festival.
  • Board gimmicks.
  • Etc, etc, etc…

Episode 26: Toe Spins, Broken Fingers, and other Foolishness

In this episode we discuss toe spins, Broken Fingers magazine, and various other freestyle-related things, including a great new website.

During the podcast we mention a new Freestyle Skateboarding site, the Freestyle Knowledge Base.

The intro music is of course Black Sabbath’s Neon Nights.

Here is Simon’s G-Turn Toe Spin…

G-turn toespin

A video posted by Simon Mroz (@simonmroz) on

Episode 24.1 – the 2016 World Freestyle Roundup

This is the first part of a 2-hour talk we had the other day, in which we debriefed Tony on his World Round experience. Apparently, fun was had by all and skateboarding still rules. Give it a listen.

A Few Words About the Roundup

We’ll be discussing the 2016 World Freestyle Roundup in the coming weeks on the podcast, but I wanted to just say a few words now while my aura is still vibrating and oscillating from the brilliant skating witnessed over this last weekend.

First, this contest has certainly come to be the place to see the truly international freestyle community. Not everyone is there, but almost every place has some there. Pretty cool.

All the skating was great, but the top 5 in Pro (1st-Connor Burke, 2nd Isamu Yamamoto, 3rd-Mike Osterman, 4th Guenter Mokulys, and 5th-Tony Gale) represent incredible skill from three generations of skater, reaching all the way back to the glory days of the 1980s, the die-hards of the rebirth of freestyle in the early 2000s, and the youthful energy of the 2010s. It says a lot that people such a wide range of ages are able to compete on equal footing. This is a cool thing we’re doing.

You can find recordings of our live webcast commentary with this link. Perhaps it might be fun to hear, and relive the stoke we were all feeling as we watched.

For now, I’m sure you are all just wanted to skate, as I am, so lets all do this and keeping making freestyle better and better.