Episode 4: Invasion of the Astro Freestylers

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In this episode we give our very preliminary thoughts on the Freestyle World Roundup that happened this week in Vancouver. We discuss some Eastern European freestyler whose name we do not know but we all agree rips (or at least did rip in the late 1980s), we talk boards, high trucks, and lastly the boys give Bob some advice on learning M-80 Kickflips.

planetxThe video mentioned in this podcast – regarding the dude riding freestyle on an 1980s street board, can be found here: http://youtu.be/Fvaryy8eAYc

The great Ray Barbee, whom Bob mentions during the show, can be seen in classic part in Powell’s Ban This video, here:  http://youtu.be/AKT0T_DJ80U

Tony filmed a bunch of M-80 variations as supplementary material for this episode. Very nice stuff!  http://youtu.be/elykMLy4SRs

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