Episode 6: the ICE AGE!!!!

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In this slightly more freeform episode, Tony, Matt, and Bob discuss various freestylers (see videos below), Bob confesses that he recently felt the anger while trying to practice, Matt’s cell phone causes interference, we hear about Tyler Self’s visit to Texas and his skate session with Bob, and skateboarding in Cuba.

Videos referenced in this podcast:

Matthew Smithies http://youtu.be/D3rQwE2ETl8

Alex Rademaker http://youtu.be/bMxcfAyrRbM

Darryl Grogan’s video of World Roundup Highlights http://youtu.be/vb2xI92nc8w

Suzuki’s video of the Ams… http://youtu.be/puZ5ZvOyXt8

Tyler Self’s latest video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AcCuHodoapk&feature=colike

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