New Microphones!

audiotechNew mics for everyone!

Henceforth, the lads will all be rocking the  Audio Technica AT2020USB Cardioid Studio Condenser Microphone. Should provide a more consistent sound.

Thanks to all our listeners, who’ve made it worth investing in some equipment.

If anyone is interested in podcasting, you can read how I do it on my blog, right here. But regarding this little microphone, while it doesn’t sound quite as rich as the set up I have used for a long time (mixing board, microphone preamps, etc), it sounds damned good and is a hell of a lot simpler to use. I will probably try to resolve some of the problems I’ve run into with my “professional” setup, but for now I’m loving this little USB mic, and Tony and Matt will be sounding quite a lot better.

— Bob

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