Episode 23: Respect the Bear

We begin this episode with a discussion of the new Bear “Polar Bear” truck, in the smallest size (105mm), which is well-suited to freestyle board width, and which Tony has procured for his own enjoyment. I then edit out massive amounts of technical talk about trucks and bearings, and we move on to the actual act of riding skateboards and doing freestyle!

Here is the animated GIF that Simon refers us to at about 27 minutes.  http://cdn.skateboarding.transworld.net/wp-content/blogs.dir/440/files/2013/09/Busenitz_9Frames_v2.gif

Tony is working on a very detailed review, with precise measurement, of the Bear trucks. Look for that soon on the website.

Episode 20: the Equipment Rant

What happens when we don’t talk for 2 months?

Well, we talked for 3 hours. I cut this down to just under 2 hours. Forgive us, but listen to us! We discuss the Mode Mike Rogers board, flat single kicks in general, the Tyranny of Concave, Mode FS wheels, Kevin Harris FS wheels, Seismic FS wheels redesign, and lots of other stuff.

Yeah, this one is a bit long, but I didn’t feel good cutting out too much. Listen in a couple of sittings if you like, but for episode 20 I thought we’d leave it long.

Episode 18: Back from the Un-Dead

Undead-ZombieYes, we are still alive, and yes this is a new episode, and yes, we discuss the following stuff!

The opening of this episode sounds quite majestic, so play it on some good speakers.

This is kind of a long episode, so get a nice glass, cup, mug, or bottle of your favorite beverage and stay calm.

The opening music comes from a couple of Godzilla movies, and was found on The Monster Movie Music Album.  The closing music is the Bars, from Black Flag’s Slip It In album.